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Kartini Yuliana, Nurul Retno L.K., Teguh Syaefulloh K.: Chemistry Role in Crop Management Apart Fence as Experienced Resource for the Prosperity Socialize. Masterpiece Write Erudite. SMA Negeri 2 Garut. 2010.

Masterpiece writing write this background by 1) still the lack of knowledge socialize to hit chemistry role and also the interpretation and view mistake existence socialize to chemistry use in everyday life 2) still the lack of participation socialize in experienced resource management so that the nature resource which [is] [is] made available [by] not yet earned exploited in an optimal fashion for prosperity socialize.
In masterpiece write this, writer look for trouble-shooting solution with studying chemistry role in experienced resource management for the prosperity socialize. Considering so much and immeasurable [it] the experienced resource hence in masterpiece write this the the experienced resource limited only the crop apart fence. masterpiece Writing target write this to give information to society hit chemistry role in crop management apart fence as experienced resource for the prosperity socialize.
Through masterpiece write this expected 1) Society interested and will membudidayakan crop apart fence and manage [it] become economic valuable substance. With circumstance that way, expected [by] a society can improve [his/its] prosperity 2) Socialize to comprehend chemistry role in life, so that [do] not there are bad perasangka to chemistry.
Method used in masterpiece writing write [is] eksposisi ( explaining and advising something or event), deskripsi ( explaining condition or circumstance [of] a[n occurence, by defining, depicting or the nymph by mendetail), and persuasi ( presenting something by inviting, influencing or suggesting). Hereinafter the writer present solution of[is way of pembudidayaan crop benefit and apart fence, seed processing apart fence and analyse how chemistry role in crop management apart fence for the prosperity socialize. With solution in induce and deduksi [is] hereinafter obtained [by] conclusion. That in crop management apart fence as experienced resource there are

Keyword: Chemistry, crop apart fence, experienced resource, prosperity socialize.

A. Background
God Almighty created the universe and its contents with a full range of regularity and equipped with the natural laws that can be utilized by humans. Human effort to studying and researching the natural laws that gave birth to the natural sciences with various branches, including chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy and geology.
Chemical science developed since the 8th century. Until now the development of chemistry has reached a long time. With a long enough time span, the chemistry is expected to be recognized by the community well. In fact, the chemistry is still not well recognized by society. This is in accordance with the opinion expressed by one lecturer program of study Chemistry Faculty of Science University of Islam Indonesia (UII) in Yogyakarta, Noor Fitri ( suggested that "most Indonesian people are not familiar with chemistry good ".
Among the scientists, researchers and academics in chemistry development is considered a very rapid progress, especially since the 19th century. Along with the development of science and technology, many discoveries and research results in the field of chemistry that carries the impact of changing human civilization to the modern human. However, it turns out the development of chemistry in the society feels slow.
This is probably caused by several factors:
1. Information about the development of chemical science and the results are not up to the community, because research results are often only stored in the form of documents in the library.
2. Society only obtain information about the chemical over many of the negative side, rather than the positive side. As information about the abuse of chemical substances. For example, borax and formaldehyde which is used as a preservative of food, clothing dyes used as food coloring, and even some foods that are mixed with certain chemicals that can cause disease and so forth.
3. Very rarely reveal the mass media services, benefits and merits of chemical products that can be enjoyed everyday or various chemical substances which today has become a feature of modern society. For example, drugs that save lives, the fertilizers that double the agricultural production, various cosmetics that adorn the body, plastics, gasoline, building materials, to computer equipment.
4. Among students themselves, chemistry subjects receive less attention or interest. Many students who think that chemistry is the science that is difficult, abstract, dealing with toxic materials, can not be directly applied in daily life and work is limited.
Based on the above description in mind that people do not know much about the role of chemistry in daily life. This proves the need for more explanation and clear information, so there is no misunderstanding about the science of chemistry and its role in life.
In the meantime, Allah created the universe and its contents to be used by humans as a natural resource (NR). This was revealed in the Qur'an, as mentioned in one of his words:
"He is down rain from the sky for you, some of the drinks and some (fertile) plants, which in (the growth) you are herding cattle. He produces for you with the water plants, olives, dates and grapes and all kinds of fruit. Verily in this there are signs that (the power of God) for people who reflect. "
(Surat an-Nahl, 16: 10-11).
Every region in the Earth's surface is blessed with natural wealth or natural resources vary. Indonesia is a vast area with many islands, both large and small. In each island has a lot of diversity of natural resources. This shows that Indonesia is a country rich in natural resources with a variety of species. This natural resource is the wealth of nations which, if properly utilized or managed to improve the welfare of life in society.
Indonesian society with abundant natural resources should be a prosperous society. In fact, some community residents Indonesia is a poor community. This is evidenced by data from BPS (Central Bureau of Statistics), which states that in 2007 the number of poor people in Indonesia reached 37.17 million people or 16.58% of the total population. That number decreased 2.13 million people compared the number of poor people in 2006 to reach 39.30 million people or 17.75% of the total population (Sumodiningrat, 2009: 5).
Many factors that cause this, including:
a. Human resources (HR), Indonesia is still not good quality, as a result of vital natural resources are often controlled and managed by foreign parties.
b. Natural resources (NR) are available, management is less well so much happening there is waste or parts that are wasted (not used).
Based on the above description, it is understood that the people of Indonesia have not been able to manage natural resources on their own, but still dependent on foreign parties. This way, demanding the attention of governments and communities themselves to improve the management of natural resources, so that abundant natural resources can be utilized optimally.
In accordance with its existence, natural resources can be classified into two categories, namely natural resources and renewable natural resources nonrenewable (Suparmoko, 2008: 64). Natural resources are not renewable, it is now thought to have depleted its reserves because of the use or large-scale exploration. This encourages the search for alternative use of renewable natural resources. One of them is being developed in the management of natural resources in the form of crops, including jatropha plant.
Based on the literature that the author read, jatropha plant has many benefits. With certain processing chemically or physically, then the jatropha plant in the form of roots, stems, leaves, flowers, even the seeds can be processed into other materials that have high economic value. From this it can be concluded that the Jatropha plant is a renewable natural resource, which if managed properly can be used to improve the welfare of the community.
Based on the background like in the series description above, the author feels interested in learning and in investigating and trying to put it in a scientific paper titled "Role of Chemistry in the Jatropha Plant Management as a Natural Resource for Public Welfare."

B. Problem Identification and Formulation
1. Problem Identification
From several of the issues raised in the background above, which are at issue in scientific writing are:
a. people still lack knowledge about the role of chemistry in daily life;
b. there is a wrong assumption or understanding about the science of chemistry in which the community better understand the chemistry of the negative side than the positive side;
c. the low interest of the community to cultivate and process natural resources, especially plant Jatropha;
d. the limited attention of the parties the developer or the government to participate in the cultivation and processing of natural resources, especially plant jatropha.

2. Problem Formulation
Based on the principal problems in identifying the problem, then that becomes the formulation of problems in scientific writing is "What Role of Chemistry in the Jatropha Plant Management as a Natural Resources for Community Welfare?".
To facilitate the discussion of the formulation of the problem can be broken down again, as follows:
a. How to cultivate jatropha plant?
b. How can the benefits of jatropha plant?
c. How processing of jatropha seeds into castor oil (biodiesel)?
d. How does the role of chemistry in the management of Jatropha plant?
e. How linkage chemistry, physic nut plants and welfare of the community?

C. Goal Writing
The purpose of writing a scientific paper are:
1. provide information to the public on how to plant jatropha cultivation;
2. inform people about the benefits of jatropha plant;
3. inform the public about how seed processing jatropha into castor oil (biodiesel);
4. provide information to the public regarding the role of chemistry in the management of Jatropha plant;
5. provide information to the public that there are linkages between chemistry, physic nut plants and social welfare;
6. invite the community, government or party developers to participate in the management of physic nut plants.

D. Importance of Writing
1. The Scientific Importance (Theoretical)
The result of this paper is expected to provide contributions to the development of scientific vocabulary in natural science, especially chemistry.

2. The Practical Uses
In practical terms, this paper is expected to be useful in the management of natural resources mainly jatropha, so that people are interested to cultivate jatropha plant and cultivate a self-supporting. With the objec Thus, the expected social welfare can be increased. Also expected also, the public understand the role of chemistry in the management of Jatropha plants, so there is no prejudice or negative allegations against the science of chemistry.

Forwarded by : Teguh Syaefulloh Kartiwan (Pelajar/Kuliah)

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